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My art, mostly pencil and pen, sometimes marker, a little mix of colored pencil, and just a little bit of photoshop.
All random, all from my ♥, mind, and imagination.

Hope you like :iconsmilieplz:



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Ivory memory by toothpick1993
Ivory memory
Luce and Hale at the piano, when he taught her as a child.  Her only remaining connection to him.

This drawing took forever.  Especially coloring all of the tile on the floor.  I really like how it turned out though!  I like the plants behind the windows.  and how Luce's dress turned out. 
Someday I'll Fly Away by toothpick1993
Someday I'll Fly Away
Leave all this to yesterday

This one is more of a surrealism sketch.  I wanted to do a dress of feathers turning into birds.  I love drawing feathers.  They're so intricate and pretty. 

Not my favorite sketch, but I like the concept.  The head turned out weird to me.
Action Pose Practice by toothpick1993
Action Pose Practice
Just a little bit of sketching for fighting poses.  They turned out pretty well.  The top right kind of looks like Katniss from hunger games, though I wasn't trying to make her Katniss.  I like the middle one best, though I'm not sure why.  I think it just has to do with how it looks like she's moving.  They're mainly done in Aiden and Luce's colors -no surprise there.  Not bad for some sketches.
In the Calm of the Forest by toothpick1993
In the Calm of the Forest
Luciara Alexanders and Aiden Carson in the forest surrounding Roma.  This one took forever to draw because of the background, and then forever to color (because of the background).  I really like how it turned out though.  They look ready for battle. 
Aiden and Luce have grown a lot since I started them off!  They've really come into their own and fleshed out with their own flaws and skills.  Luce has become so much stronger since I started her off (not that she was ever a Mary Sue character, considering she kills people for a living.)  They've come to life with their own questions about their world and their own problems within it.  I couldn't be happier! :)

Luce and Aiden are my original characters, please do not use them without my permission.  Thanks!
Luciara Alexanders, Looking to nowhere by toothpick1993
Luciara Alexanders, Looking to nowhere
I'm trying to get that glassy look, like someone dazed off daydreaming.  It turned out colorwise to be Luce. 
  • Listening to: Harlem by New Politics
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First off, I'd like to thank someone who commented on a work of mine with some really good, detailed feedback.  Sometimes I lose a bit of hope in DA, because I see fanart getting TONS of attention and art like mine (all original) not receiving any feedback or compliments.  It's a little bit discouraging, because I want to improve, but whenever I get a good critique it's all worth it.  I feel bad that I cannot participate more in the feedback pool, but I don't feel right critiquing the works of others if I know that I am not yet at that level myself.

Today we learned to pollinate out in the field.  It's really cool some of the plants that we're crossing with each other!  I really enjoy my job, even though I come home very tired every evening.  It's so rewarding being outside every day with the plants.  I look at the field and recall when we were just staking out the 7000ish rows, and now the corn is above my head in most places.  In fact, the crew often loses me in the field if we get out too far away from each other because I'm the shortest.  I love every single day out there though.  You're out beneath the open sky, vast and blue, and the corn stretches for miles.  It's strangely peaceful, feeling that small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things, yet feeling big at the same time because we planted every single row and cared for every single plant since it's started growing.  And each day we learn something new, or see a new development in the plant, it's beautiful.  I guess not a lot of people on here probably do a whole lot of science or anything like that, but I still think every time that I am out there, the science and watching these plants grow is amazing.  I stand out there, corn rash and hot from eight hours in the sun, and think to myself:  How can anyone not believe that God created it all when each part of the earth is so intricate in design?  And thoughts like that are what give me hope.


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Anna Rogers
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United States
I'm a genetics and stat major at university, going into my second year. But I still love drawing and making art! :iconsmilieplz: Let's be buddies!
Also, I've got the twitter bug: @annarenerogers


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